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Discover the lordliness of Egypt through booking this 8-day tour of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. You will catch sight of the fascination scenery at both banks of the Nile River. During the tour you will board a luxurious Nile Cruise Ship in between Luxor and Aswan including visits to the best landmarks of Upper Egypt.


 Day 01:

Arrival Cairo – Welcome to land of the Pharaoh’s Your representative will be waiting for you upon arrival at Cairo International Airport, then transfer to your hotel by air-conditioned bus. Overnight at the 5-star Cairo hotel. Welcome Drink

Day 02:

Pyramids and Cairo’s landmarks After breakfast meal at your hotel in Cairo, start your tour accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide to Giza Plateau where 40 centuries of history are looking down upon you from the top of these pyramids. At Giza Plateau you will visit the Great Pyramids of Cheops, the only surviving of the seven ancient wonders of the ancient world. Then move on to the Pyramids of Chefren and Mykerinus. Egypt Excursions Egypt Tours| Nile Cruise / Then continue across the plateau where you can have a photo of the three pyramids rising from the sands, with the Cairo skyline in the background. Then move on to the Sphinx that is considered the enigmatic symbol of Egypt for thousands of years. There is also an additional visit to the Solar Boat Museum housing the remarkably well preserved funerary boat of Khufu. Lunch will be served at a good quality local restaurant in Giza, then move on to visit the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square where u can see thousands of artifacts on display including the famous collection of the boy king, Tutankhamun who was a young pharaoh and did nothing very important during his lifetime but became one of the most famous pharaohs due to the discovery of his intact tomb in 1922. Continue driving to Islamic Cairo where you will explore Khan El Khalili bazaar. At the bazaar, you will nd many shops that are famous for its ne border brassware, silver, gold, perfumes, copper, leather and antiques. Then, transfer back to your hotel and overnight in Cairo. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 03:

 Fly Cairo to Luxor – The Nile Cruise After breakfast at your hotel in Cairo, you will check out and then transfer to Cairo International Airport for a domestic ight to Luxor. Upon arrival at Luxor, you will board a 5 star Nile Cruise Ship. You will have lunch on board and then visit Karnak Temple that is considered to be an evidence of the nobility of the glorious history of Egypt. After taking photos, you’ll be moved to Luxor Temple where the statues and stories are allocated in one place. Dinner and Overnight will be on board the Nile Cruise in Luxor. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 04:

 Luxor Nile Cruise Excursions Early Breakfast on board the Nile Cruise, and then visit the West Bank of Luxor including a visit to the Valley of the Kings, the royal cemetery for 62 Pharaohs dug into the limestone rocks including the tomb of the boy King Tut’s tomb. Then move on to Dier El Madina, the temple of Medinet Habu, and Memnon Colossi that were made for Amenhotep III and were made from blocks of quartzite sandstone which exist in Cairo then moved 700 KM to Luxor. Lunch on board the Nile Cruise and then the Cruise Ship will start sailing to Essna where you will cross Essna Lock. Cocktail reception will be on board the Nile Cruise. Dinner and overnight will be on board the Nile Cruise in Esna. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 05:

 Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples Sail to Edfu, then have breakfast on board the Nile Cruise.Upon arrival at Edfu, visit the Temple of Edfu, the most preserved GrecoRoman temple all over Egypt and on its walls portrayed a “Play” shows the overcome of Horus over the devil god Seth. Then sail to Kom Ombo. Lunch will be served on board. Then visit Kom Ombo Temple dedicated the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon headed god Haeroris, and dating to the Ptolemies who built it on a high dune overlooking the NileThen continue on to Aswan. Dinner will be served and you will be spending the night onboard the ship in Aswan. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

Day 06:

Aswan Nile Cruise Tours Have your breakfast on board the Nile Cruise before starting your tour in Aswan visiting the High Dam that has had a signicant effect on the economy and culture of Egypt. Then move on to Philae Temple, dedicated to goddesses Isis and Hathor. Philae, and was dismantled and relocated to nearby Agilkia Island as part of the UNESCO Nubia Campaign project Then move on to the Unnished Obelisk, built for Queen Hatshepsut and intended to be the largest obelisk known in Egypt. Dinner will be served on board and overnight in Aswan. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner /

Day 07:

 Disembarkation Disembark from the Nile Cruise after having breakfast on board the Nile Cruise. Then you will be transferred to Aswan Airport for a domestic ight back to Cairo. Overnight at your Cairo hotel. Meals: Breakfast

Day 08:

Cairo – Fly Back Home Breakfast will be served at your hotel in Cairo. Then transfer you to Cairo International Airport for your nal departure.?