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The culture of Saudi Arabia is a rich one that has been shaped by its Islamic heritage, its historical role as an ancient trade center, and its Bedouin traditions.

Saudi society has experienced tremendous development over the past several decades. The Saudi people have taken their values and traditions – their customs, hospitality and even their style of dress – and adapted them to the modern world.

The Crossroads of the World

Located at the center of important ancient trade routes, the Arabian people were enriched by many different civilizations. As early as 3,000 BC, Arabian merchants were part of a far-reaching trade network that extended to south Asia, the Mediterranean and Egypt. They served as a vital link between India and the Far East on one side, and Byzantium and the Mediterranean lands on the other.

The introduction of Islam in the 7th century AD further defined the region’s culture. Within a century of its birth in the Arabian Peninsula, Islam had spread west to the Atlantic Ocean and east to India and China. It fostered a dynamic period of great learning in culture, science, philosophy and the arts known as the Islamic “Golden Age.”

And every year for the past 14 centuries, Muslim pilgrims from around the world travel to holy sites in Makkah and Madinah, further enriching the region’s culture. The pilgrims brought ivory from Africa and carpets from the East, and took local goods back to their homelands.

When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed in 1932, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman dedicated himself to preserving Arab traditions and culture, and his sons and successors have done the same.


Most people come to Taif to smell its roses, but you can also try its horses. The City of Roses has one of the best equestrian centers n Saudi Arabia. The equestrian center offers horse riding lessons to novices. You can learn all you wanted to know about horses here. So, when you visit the Saudi summer capital, go for a canter off the beaten track. Package prices are per person.

Day 1
    • 3:00 PMPick up from gathering point (Iridium Hotel) by bus
    • 3:30 PMArrive at the equestrian center
    • 4:00 PMHospitality
    • 4:30 PMTour in equestrian center and learn about the types of horses and how to care for them
    • 5:00 PMFree time for riding and photography
    • 6:00 PMDiscussion with the owner of the center
    • 6:30 PMEnd of the trip
    • 7:00 PMBack to hotel by bus

What’s included

  • Recreational Activities

  • Cultural Activities

  • Restaurants

  • Transportation by bus

  • Meals

What’s not included

  • Accommodation

  • Flight tickets